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Would you mind introducing yourself? Hello, my name is Davide Rostirolla (@gon_48) and I’m a self-taught photographer, illustrator and graphic designer from Italy (Latina).

How would you describe your style of photography? I like outdoor photography and I love to travel with my wife and my camera around the world …

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NORTHLETTERS MAGAZINE NL1 throws a light on the Nordic, its stories, its nature, its culture and soul. We meet young adventurers, writers and photographers that come from the North, live in the North, travel through the North or made typical nordic decisions towards a mindful life.

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Water : Over and Under

I love the sea and I like photography, well I put those two thighs together.

The day before I prepare the equipment, I look the weather forecasts but, once there, it is never like I imagined it the night before.  There is always a variable that changes the whole situation.

Maybe the beauty of the sea is really this unpredictability.

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Interview: Davide Rostirolla On RUCKSACK MAGAZINE


What inspired you to start sketching?

I’m a big comics fan and starting to draw was a natural step for me. When I was a child I drew at home all the time, every minute of every day I wanted to be drawing. When I was around 15 years old, me and my friends would go out and buy tattoo magazines and draw our favourite illustration on anything, anywhere. We would draw them on rucksacks, on ourselves, on school desks, anywhere. As I grew up I started to leave sketching behind for 2D and 3D digital illustration, but a couple of years ago I felt a pull back to pen and paper. I have been sketching and drawing for a while now and I …..

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Davide Rostirolla on Saltwater

“My name is Davide Rostirolla and I’m a self-taught photographer and graphic designer from Italy (Latina). I like outdoor photography and I love to travel with my wife and my camera around the world (Ireland, Western USA, Australia, Iceland …).

Since 2015 I started to shoot into the water alternating film and digital cameras. I then developed two parallel projects “Film is not dead” where my favorite tool is an old Nikonos V camera and “Into the water” (with a digital camera).
The two projects are extremelly different but, at the same time, strongly connected by three topics that really matter for me: Sea, Surf and environment.

My other two passions besides photography are sketches and illustrations.”

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Davide Rostirolla on Surfculture

Ciao Davide, parlaci un pò di te e della tua multidisciplinarietà.
Ciao a tutti mi chiamo Davide Rostirolla e sono di Latina. Penso che la mia multidisciplinarietà provenga dal mio percorso di studi e dal mio essere curioso. Ho fatto il geometra alle superiori per poi studiare ing. Informatica all’università e iniziare a lavorare come programmatore. Da solo ho iniziato a studiare grafica 2D e 3D comprando libri e guardando tutorial su internet fino a lavorare come grafico 3D in uno studio di VFX e post produzione, per poi arrivare alla mia attuale occupazione di disegnatore tecnico. Beh si effettivamente come mi ha detto qualcuno sono un tipo complesso e chissà magari in futuro cambierò ancora.

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